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Advice For Visitors

Weather changes fast on this island, and the seasoned visitors knows to leave an extra day or two in your plans as you could likely could be fogged in during the summer months.

Plan ahead and be flexible. Make reservations in advance for lodging, transportation and tours if at all possible.

Ask about refund policies for cancellations or delays due to weather.

Inquire about travel insurance to cover unexpected costs due to changes.

Local stores will have advice on gear and equipment that you might find too large to bring or you just plain forgot.

Don't forget the camera (film and processing can be found locally), binoculars and or spotting scope.

If your plans include a local flight or a charter boat you might consider hip boots.

Be Prepared
Always be aware of the weather, vegetation, and wildlife and be prepared for emergencies! A compass, topographical maps, nautical charts and a light weight solar blanket are good things to think about. Extra supplies in case of weather delays.

File a Search and Rescue form or "SAR" indicating where you will be and when you plan to return. These forms are available at law enforcement agencies and some retailers.

Observe wildlife viewing guidelines!

How to Dress

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