Bear Viewing in Kodiak Alaska ear Viewing in Kodiak Alaska

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Cultural Organizations

Alutiiq Museum Archaeological Repository

Alutiiq Heritage Foundation
215 Mission Rd. Suite 101
Kodiak, AK 99615
ph: (907) 486-7004
fax: (907) 486-7048

Explore 7,500 years of Kodiak's cultural history at the Alutiiq Museum & Archaeological Repository. The museum preserves the prehistoric and historic traditions of the Alutiiq people and promotes a greater public awareness of their rich cultural legacy.

Dig Afognak

Dig Afognak Archaeology and Cultural Immersion Camp 
PO Box 968
Kodiak, AK 99615
ph: (907) 486-6014
(800) 770-6014
fax: (907) 486-6529

Discover the ancient lifeways of Kodiak's Alutiiq ancestors through participating and learning about Alutiiq history and culture, while exploring the natural history, geology, and botany of Afognak Island.

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