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Getting to Kodiak

Weather changes fast on this island, and the seasoned visitors knows to leave an extra day or two in your plans as you could likely could be fogged in during the summer months.

By Airplane
From Anchorage, it is approximately a 1- hour flight to Kodiak Island. Service is available on
Alaska Airlines or ERA. Schedules vary ranging from four to eight flights a day depending on the season.

By the Tusty
The Alaska Marine Highway System provides passenger and vehicle service to Kodiak and Port Lions from either Seward or Homer. Staterooms and a full-service dining room are available. Reservations should be made well in advance especially if you are bringing a vehicle.

Alaska Airlines and ERA Info

Each ticketed passenger is allowed two checked bags and two carry-on bags. Weight: up to 70 lb & maximum size of 62 linear inches (length + width + height). A charge is assessed for each piece of luggage that exceeds maximum size or weight limits. Whenever a fee is charged for luggage, it travels on a space available basis.

Sporting Equipment
Below is a list of sporting equipment that may be checked as one of the free pieces in the normal baggage allowance. When checking sporting equipment in addition to the free baggage allowance, an excess fee is charged. These items must be packaged in suitable containers.
Archery - 1 bow & 24 arrows
Fishing - 2 rods, 1 reel, 1 landing net, 1 pair boots & 1 tackle box. Fishing rods are allowed as carry-on baggage only when they can be taken apart & stowed in an overhead bin.
a). 1 rifle case with no more than 2 rifles including scopes, 1 shooting mat, noise suppressers and small tools, or
b) 1 shotgun case with no more than 2 shotguns (within 62 linear inches and up to 70 lb), or
c) 1 pistol case with a maximum of 5 pistols, noise suppressers, 1 pistol telescope and small pistol tools Ammunition - up to 50 lb is permitted if packed in the original manufacturers package or in a container designed for ammunition and of sufficient strength to protect it from accidental crushing or discharge; e.g. wood, fiber, plastic.
Handguns must be unloaded and packed in a hard sided locked case. Rifles, shotguns and other firearms must be unloaded and should be in a ridged container. Identify all bags containing firearms when you check in.
Packaging Your Catch, Meat or Trophy
It is your responsibility to properly package all perishable items. To maximize freshness and quality, raw meat and seafood must be able to withstand a minimum of 48 hours in transit without refrigeration. Fish and raw game meat may be accepted as baggage if packaged in a leak proof container (not Styrofoam). Gel ice is recommended and up to 5 lb of Dry Ice are acceptable, But Dry Ice must be declared at check-in and labeled. Freeze or chill meat and seafood thoroughly before packaging for optimal final destination temperature. These items are checked at your own risk for spoilage. Antlers and horns are accepted for a fee as excess baggage. They must be free of residue and packaged to prevent body fluids, parasites, and foul odors from escaping. The skull must be wrapped and tips covered to prevent other baggage from damage. Two sets of antlers nested together are accepted for one charge provided they are securely bound together.
Antlers and horns are subject to aircraft load limitations and are shipped when space is available. The weight must not exceed 150 lb and linear dimensions (length + width + height) may not exceed 115 inches as baggage, but may be shipped as cargo.
The Federal Lacey Act requires labeling on all seafood, game, and animal antlers/horns shipped across state lines. These can be picked up at the ticket counter.
Check out the Alaska Airlines web site ( link at top of page) for phones numbers for more information.

Compiled in part from Alaska Airlines brochure.

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