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Kodiak Maps are available and topo maps are at the sporting goods stores, pick one up to help out. Or check out the Audubon hikes if you don't want to tackle these alone.

March 2000. I will be putting up an online map with some picture to help locate these areas as soon as the weather warms and the snow melts.

Two public area, Fort Abercrombie (Alaska State Park) and Near Island Park (Kodiak Borough) have established trails. There are no other trails that are maintained. So if you are willing to park down the road and hunt for the trail head and have a wonderful time seeing some beautiful country, lets go.

Here is a printable version.

Some basic guidelines:
Pack out your trash!
Dress appropriately for the weather. See How to Dress
Respect Private Property
Stay away from restricted military areas.
a compass, map, extra food, water, warm clothes and rain gear.
Beware of Bears:
Read Bear Facts

Close to Town

Near Island North End Park
Take the Near Island Bridge and immediately at the end you will see the trail head and parking. Great views and beaches. Easy walking.

Pillar Mountain
2.5 miles one way, 1,300 ft.
You can drive to the top but the road is poorly maintained. Or you can leave your car at the bottom and walk all the way up and back for some beautiful views or opt for half way and just do the steep part.

South of Town

Kodiak Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center
has a short Nature Walk next to the center. Look for signs.

Buskin Beach and the lower Buskin River
Just down the road past the Visitors Center.

Barometer Mountain
2500 ft. elevation, 1 to 2 hour climb if your legs donÂt give out.
This is Kodiak's most popular mountain. Steep, straight well used trail leads up the NE ridge. At the end of the airport runway you will find a broad trail leading up the road bank into the brush, follow and old gravel road to the NE ridge of the mountain where the trail starts on your left. It leads steeply up through the brush but you will soon be out of the brush and see some great views.

Women's Bay Old Women's Mountain
2,563 ft to the top, 3 to 8 miles
Great views of the bay and Kodiak city. About one third mile beyond the airport runway a gravel road will be on your right. There are Coast Guard signs indicating a Loran location. At the second fork in the road turn left and the road ends at the Loran Station in a parking lot, at the end you will find the trailhead. You will follow a military road and at the top there is a shallow lake. A four-wheeler road leads down the back side of the mountain to Burma Road. This will take you to Bell's Flats and then you can walk the paved road back.

Kashevaroff Mountain
2,300 ft., 6 miles round trip
Past BellÂs Flats park your car at the Salonie Creek bridge. Walk back about 200 yards on your left you should see a four-wheeler trail after a little less than 2 miles you will get out of the brush and be rewarded with some beautiful views of Women's Bay and the interior of Kodiak Island. Bear country!

Heitman Mountain
2,300 ft., 1,000 ft. to the lake
Around the southern end of Women's Bay as you reach the height of the other side. There is a small gravel area to park on the right side. This is a narrow trail with dense vegetation so donÂt get lost. Remember that compass and map. You will see the power line to Chiniak and then continue on to the lake. The lake is a good spot for trout fishing. It is another mile off to the right up to the top. Bear country!

Buskin River Valley and Anton Larsen Pass

Buskin Lake and Golf Course
Not much here but a nice place to stroll around the lake. Bear country!

Pyramid Mountain
2,400 ft., 2 miles one way
Past the golf course climbing Anton Larsen pass to the ski area (term used loosely). The trail begins at the right side of the parking lot. This trail gets steep but it is a wide open area so you should be able to find your way. Cascade Lake 2.5 miles one way, 600 ft. Drive till you reach Anton Larsen Bay and turn right onto a dirt road, this gets really muddy so donÂt go to far. You will cross red Cloud River. At the rocky bluff watch for low or high tide, you might have to detour a little for high tide. You will see a brushy hill at the edge of the bay with a trail that leads to the lake. The lake leads to a water fall.

North of Town

Fort Abercrombie
Great short trails with beaches and well designated trails

Monashka Bay
Drive on Rezanof past Fort Abercrombie and the dump and for another 8 miles or so to the end of the road. Nice beaches.

Termination Point
Go down to the beach at the end of the road and then continue to the far end of the beach. You should find a trail there that follows the coastline. Following the edge of the cliffs, soon you will come to a beach and continue on to nearly the end. At a large old spruce tree you will see the trail pick up again. You will come to a second smaller beach, climb back into the forest and about a mile further you will come to open meadows leading to the end of the trail at Termination Point.

Monashka Mountain
1,800 ft. There is a well used four-wheeler trial at the end of the parking lot. At the forks stay to the left. After about a mile you will reach a beaver lake, stay to the left leaving the four-wheeler trail. Look for red streamers. Continue up into the forest entering meadows along the eastern ridge of the mountain. There are beautiful views at the top.

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