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Drive to Chiniak

Grab a map, camera and a picnic lunch and let's go.

Start at Marine Way and Rezanof at the blinking light and head south towards the airport. Pictures taken in March 2000.

Deadman's Curve
St. Herman's Harbor
#1 View from Deadman's Curve at Gibson Cove (2.1 miles) and St Herman Harbor at Near Island.
#2 Pyramid and Barometer are on your right. (3.8 miles).

#3 Buskin River Recreation Site and the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge are on your left. (4 miles). Anton Larsen Bay Road to your right and Airport turnoff is on your left (4 3/4 miles).

#4 Largest U.S. Coast Guard Station (6.3 miles)
Women's Bay
#5 Women's Bay. The Alex Hailey docked across the bay along with the bouy tenders the Firebush and the Ironwood (6.5 miles).
#6 Sometimes Island. At low tide its not, at high tide it is! (7.5 miles).

#7 Fairgrounds and Rodeo arena (8.9 miles).

#8 End of paved road and the last gas and groceries (10.4 miles).
Sometimes Island
Center Mountain
#9 Salonie Creek, a bear hangout and good fishing site. (11.6 miles).

#10 Trail to Heitman Lake (13.9 miles).

#11 Center Mountain 3,366 ft (17.6 miles).

#12 American River Bridge, great fishing (20.3 miles).
#13 Iron Gate Beach, site of former Russian brickyard (22.3 miles).
Iron Gate Beach
Mayflower Beach
#14 Mayflower Beach (23.9).
#15 Kalsin Bay and the Marine Mountain Range (24.7).

#16 Pasagshak Road Junction. Left to Chiniak, right to Pasagshak (30.1 miles).
Marine Mountains & Kalsin Bay
Kalsin Pond
#17 Eagles waiting on the ice for a meal at Kalsin Pond (30.5 miles)
#18 Looking back across the bay at Barometer and Pyramid.
Looking towards town
Thumbs-up Rock
#19 Thumbs-up Cove (34.1 miles).
#20 Chiniak Post Office (34.3 miles).

#21 Roslyn Beach, great picnic area with a large beach (36 miles).
Roslyn Beach
Twin Creeks Area

#22 View just before Twin Creeks Bridge (39.4 miles).
#23 Roads End Restaurant, great burgers.
Roads End Restaurant
Roads End View
#25 Roads End view (41.6 miles).

#26 Chiniak Airstrip with WWII bunkers and gun sites.
That's the end of the Chiniak trip.


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