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With a population of 86 Akhiok is Kodiak's southernmost village as well as the most remote. About 40 minutes from Kodiak city by seaplane, Akhiok sits on Alitak Bay, in an area dominated by moist tundra with no tall brush or trees. The community originally was a sea otter hunting settlement. Today, fishing supports the economy. Area rivers are known for their strong pink runs and sockeye salmon runs. There is a high brown bear density and sea mammals and birds abound.

This isolated village has a population of 65 and is located on the west coast of Kodiak Island, on storm-ridden Shelikof Strait. Karluk sits amid low brush, high brush and moist tundra. There are more than 30 registered archaeological sites along the Karluk River. The area is known worldwide for its king salmon and red salmon runs.

Larsen Bay
Located in a valley near the mouth of Larsen Bay, this village has a population of 153. It is a hub for commercial and sport fishing. Located on the northwest side of Kodiak Island the area has high brush with scattered Sitka spruce and alder.

Old Harbor
Located on the southeast coast of Kodiak Island on Sitkalidak Strait. This village with a population of 311 sits nestled beneath mountains with high brush and alpine tundra. Three Saints Bay, one of the earliest Russian settlement is located nearby. Wildlife and fishing are plentiful here.

Nestled in small cove off Narrow Strait on the west coast of Spruce Island. Ouzinkie has a population of 211 and is surrounded by tall spruce trees and swampy areas. This village was the home to St. Herman, the first canonized Russian Orthodox Saint in North America.

Port Lions
With a population of 264, Port Lions is located on Settlers Cove, near the mouth of Kizhuyak Bay, on the north coast of Kodiak Island. The land around the village varies from Sitka spruce on the north to high bush and grasses on the south. Port Lions is the only village served by the Alaska Marine Highway.

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